Sunday, June 4, 2023 – Saturday, June 10, 2023


The delegation trip will take place under the leadership of Minister President Daniel Günther and Head of the State Chancellery Dirk Schrödter.

The goal of the trip to Boston and San Francisco is to explore the artificial intelligence industry sectors, especially with regard to relevant technologies in the energy sector and healthcare, to present trend developments and to get in touch with key institutions on site.

With Boston and Silicon Valley, we will visit two of the most important centers for innovation and technology in the US during our trip. Boston, known for its strong presence in the biotechnology industry, has spawned numerous companies such as Moderna and Biogen, and is a leader in the research and development of energy and environmental technologies with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Silicon Valley is one of the most internationally renowned regions in terms of startups and successful technology companies such as Google, Facebook and Apple.

Both locations play an important role in the development of AI-based solutions in the energy and healthcare sectors that have the potential to permanently change the industries in question. These range from diagnostic and predictive systems and personalized medicine solutions to smart grids and AI-based energy storage.

Visits to relevant companies and startups are planned as part of the trip, including Apple, SAP and General Electric.

It is planned to spend the first days in Boston (June 5th and 6th) and continue to San Francisco in the evening of June 6th. In San Francisco the 5th anniversary of the Northern Germany Innovation Office will be celebrated.

For the participation in the total program of the entrepreneur journey an organization lump sum is computed, from which among other things the domestic transportation and the food supply are paid. The costs of travel to and from the event, flights and accommodation will be borne by each participant.

The registration deadline has already passed and we are currently not accepting any further registrations.

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