The Northern Germany Innovation Office (NGIO) invites you to a three-part event entitled Innovation between East and West – How DeepTech and AI will change the world. In each of the 60-minute virtual seminars, we will have experts from Eastern Europe, Germany and the United States speak on the topics of DeepTech and Artificial Intelligence. We will discuss how Northern Germany and its companies can participate in this next evolution.


With the spread of Artificial Intelligence and IoT, business models have changed permanently. But a new wave of change is already upon us. Companies in this sector are dedicated to combining data-gathering hardware and sensors with the connectivity, cloud technology and Big Data and AI they need to enable products to adapt intelligently and autonomously to various influences. This Third Wave, also called DeepTech, is both a challenge and an opportunity.

Europe has largely failed to produce startups at the scale of Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple. However, DeepTech is growing strongly from the research and high-tech sector and offers Germany with its universities and R&D strong SMEs an outstanding opportunity to position itself at the forefront of international competition.

The following program awaits you on 12.01.2020:

16:00 Welcome words by the NGIO

16:05 Keynote (Florian Michahelles, Professor for Ubiquitous Computing at the Vienna University of Technology)

16:15 Fireside chat with Florian Michahelles and Anton Adamovich (CEO & Co-Founder Conelum Biotech and DeepTech Venture Entrepreneur).

16:40 Discussion

16:55 Closing remarks

The participation in the event is free of charge. You can register for the event on 12/01/2021 here:

We look forward to your participation!

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