On August 28, 2018, the Northern Germany Innovation Office Schleswig-Holstein | Hamburg opened in San Francisco. The aim is to network the players from northern Germany with the companies and the innovation system in Silicon Valley.

Dr. Bernd Bösche, Managing Director of WTSH GmbH, is certain that the goal is definitely achievable and emphasized: “It is primarily about identifying transferable ways of thinking and acting and making them usable for our companies. Agile management methods and corporate culture, ways of thinking, structures and tools should be prepared and made tangible for our companies.

Rolf Sahre from MACH AG in Lübeck clearly expresses the expectation he has. As a partner of the Northern Germany Innovation Office, he hopes to recognize the possibilities and benefits of new technologies and business models at an early stage and make them available to his customers. “We want to promote innovation and thus improve public administration in a sustainable manner – for all employees, all citizens and all companies, and thus for our common future,” adds Rolf Sahre.

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