Networks and Connections to Silicon Valley

The decisive advantage for your company

Silicon Valley is the global epicenter for innovation and progress in digitization. A big part of its success is based on the strong ecosystem with its companies, talent, academic institutions, funding and diversity. Another important factor is the special culture and mindset which is lived and practiced in Silicon Valley. Many highly interesting aspects experiences and best practices are directly applicable to small and medium-sized companies. We offer making these experiences available to you.

The Northern Germany Innovation Office Schleswig-Holstein | Hamburg | Bremen | Mecklenburg-Vorpommern opens the path to this unique wealth of insights and helps you to benefit from them.

Find innovative solutions

The Northern Germany Innovation Office Schleswig-Holstein | Hamburg | Bremen | Mecklenburg Vorpommern highlights relevant technology trends,
explores innovation methods that are transferable and how disruptive business models can be developed.
This acquisition of new ways of thinking and the corresponding tools are the key to
successful change in established companies.

Our on-site team of experts supports you in adopting the methods of agile management and
developing the necessary mindset, skillset and toolset.







Identify new technologies and business models

By utilizing the Northern Germany Innovation Office, companies can learn about new business models and create a network in Silicon Valley.

Together with our partner, the Chamber of Foreign Trade in San Francisco, we support medium-sized companies in Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg, Bremen and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in identifying new business models, seeking cooperation partners and establishing networks in Silicon Valley.

This includes:

  • Learn about new innovation methods
  • Develop new digital products
  • Recognize trends
  • Discover opportunities for technology partnerships
  • Cooperate with startups
  • Develop approaches for disruptive business models

What does the Northern Germany Innovation Office Schleswig-Holstein | Hamburg | Bremen | Meckenburg-Vorpommern have to offer?

“Work smarter, not harder.”